Links For AIDS

What is AIDS? Here's a brief synopsis.

CDC National AIDS Clearing House

Information About AIDS. Also a great site for STD and Tuberculosis information.

 The Body - A Multimedia AIDS and HIV Information Resource

 What a great site, more than likely one of the best AIDS web sites that is out there today. Make sure to visit and tell them Curt Sent you! (Just kidding). I don't really apreciate the ads though... Obviously a 10+ site.

HIV Insite 

More Information About AIDS.

Center For Disease Control

Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia. This site is really full of great info on AIDS.


ÆGIS utilizes a combination of FidoNet® (connecting over 32,000 electronic bulletin boards in 66 countries) and Internet communication tools. In this way, they seek to relieve some of the suffering and isolation caused by HIV/AIDS, and foster the understanding and knowledge that will lead to better care, prevention, and a cure.

Try the Basic HIV/AIDS link for good info on AIDS.







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