Internet Mental Health

Provides a comprehensive description of various eating disorders written by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.Some helpful definitions, plus and "Online" diagonsis. Mr. Schneider rates this site a 7.

 The Eating Disorder Website

This is an quite informative website on Geocities.  I truely hate to link anyone to a Geocities site because of the annoying pop up messages, but it is worth it to get to the information on this website.  This link found by my student Jacqueline Ngo.  Mr. Schneider rates this site an 8 for content.

Surgeon General's Virtual Website

There isn't much here, but it is worth reading. Check it out.


Great info written at a level that teenagers relate to.

NIMH - Eating Disorders

Wonder about the difference between anorexia and bulemia? Check this website!

National Mental Health Information Center

Check this out. At the bottom of the wbpage are two other good references and addresses you can write to for information.





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