Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents regarding Mr. Schneider's class.         

   1. Does Mr. Schneider accept late work?
   2. What happens when I am absent?
   3. Does Mr. Schneider have "Office Hours"?
   4. Can students receive extra credit?
   5. Does Mr. Schneider run a club?



Does Mr. Schneider accept late work?

    Late work is accepted for up to 5 days late, but looses 10% per day.  After the 5th day late, the
    assignment is a zero and is too late to make up.


What happens when I am absent?

    Students must keep track of the days they miss and make up the work in a timely manner.   Students should
    contact their "Study Buddy" from this class and update their science planner. In addition, they can check the
    handout box right by the door of my room to pickup worksheets for work they have missed.

    Absent students have as many days as their EXCUSED absences to make up the work.  Also, students should
    check the "Google Calendar" to see what it is that they missed, so that they don't come to class asking the
    teacher, "What did I miss?"  Absent students will be expected to have a general understanding of what's
    going on in class.

    Missed labs must be made up!  Make sure you find a friend to come in and and teach the lab to you as they
    get extra credit for helping you.


Does Mr. Schneider have "Office Hours"?

    You bet!  You can come in to see Mr. S. right after school for 30 minutes.  Mr. Schneider is also early
    to school most days and you can stop by then as well.  You can also make a special appointment to
    visit for an extended period of time.
    Take advantage of my "Office Hours" when you need it!


Can students receive extra credit?

    One way is to donate up to 3 items from the wish list.  To see the wish list, see the Egan Website and
    search for "Wish LIsts" and the science wish list will come up.
    Periodically, extra credit is offered during the quarter.  Take advantage of it as it doesn't get offered
    often.  Extra credit can NEVER improve a grade more than 5% in any quarter.
    You can also get extra credit for being a table manager or room manager for a quarter.  Table
    Managers get 10 points of extra credit per quarter and Room Managers get 15 points per quarter.


Does Mr. Schneider run a club?

    Of course!  Chess club meets every day, Monday - Friday in room 24 at lunch.  If you like chess, you
    might join the club or try out for the chess team.  Stop by for more information.