Brain Activities for Computer Day                 Name_____________________________

7th Grade Science                                            Date_____________Period_________


Directions:  Open this worksheet in a browser so you can just click on the links provided.  A paper copy will be given to you to record your answers.


1.  Put this puzzle together in the least amount of time possible. Do only once. Write your time here: ________________


2.  This is an extra one.  Do only once.                Time: ________


3.  Play this game: You may play it only one more time if you lose.  Report the highest amount of money you have won if you play more than once.  $____________.


4. Investigate 4 neurological and mental disorders of the nervous system.  Scroll all the way down to the end of this page: to find the diseases of the nervous system.  Perhaps one of these might be a good topic for the human disease project (HDP) that will be assigned soon.


A. _____________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________

B. _____________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________

C. ____________________________________________________________________ _ ________________________________________________________________________

D. ____________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________


5.  Optical illusions tease the brain in strange ways.  Click and study all of the illusions on this page.  You can see more of them by going to the bottom of the page and seeing the rest of them.  Which illusion of the 15 or 20 you look at do you like the best?  Why? ______________




6.  This is so good for your brain!  Go to this page: and do as many brain teasers as you can until the bell rings. 

Mr. S brainteaser:  If your group started off with 10 colored pencils and you take away 7 of them, how many would you have?  Give up?????

Write your own brainteaser like the ones you read on this page:


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