Curt's Favorite Disease Web Sites


Fantastic site! Once in a while our government does something right. This website is a service of the U. S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. There are thousands of Adam images (I think they are the best!) in the Medical Encyclopedia section that you can use to illustrate your PowerPoints and reports. Best of all, the images already belong to all of us (supported by our tax dollars), so use them! Once on this website, go to the Health Topics link and just dig in.


Great page for lists of diseases and related links.  From Yahoo!  You can't give this list of sites a high enough number rating.

This page on will provide an enormous research opportunity for students looking for medical information. Check it out!

Dr. C. Everett Koop Online

An excellent site with medical information written in language you can understand. Make sure you check out this website! Positively a 10! Site discovered by Kate Lauderdale, Sunnyvale Middle School English Teacher.


MedicineNet is network of physician educators dedicated to providing up-to-date, quality medical information for the public. One could use this site to get to information about many, many diseases. One must really bookmark this site! You can ge t current up to date information about how a disease is being treated, new research, drugs that are being used for treatment, etc. You can even "Ask The Experts".

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This is the quintesential website for anyone who is looking for information on many diseases.  How could this site get less than a 10?  This link was discovered by student Brian Lau.

 Health Central

This is a very popular website that features the very popular Dr. Dean Edell.  This site was found for me by my wife Lisa!  Thanks Hon!

Discovery Health

Find out how many heartbeats you have had since you were born at this website. There are many ot her health-oriented features here as well. Site found by student Jeffrey W.

Virtual Surgeon General's Office

You will find much health-oriented information on this website. Try them and see what you come up with!

Office of Rare Diseases

If you are doing a report on some rare disease or disorder, this is certainly a place to begin your research! However, you must be willing to dig around to find the information you need. This site is not that easy to navigate. Mr. S. rates this site a 10+!

Merek Manual

The entire manual searchable online. A great resource! Mr. S. rates this site a 10+!

CDC Fact Sheets

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fact Sheets from A - Z. If you can't find it here, maybe you just won't find it! Mr. S. rates this site a 10+!


WebMD is a great site for finding just about anything! Give it a try.

Health A to Z

This site has so much to offer. Each disease and disorder is treated in depth. Luiza in my 7th period class recommended this site to me, and I agree it is great.

Neurosciences on the Internet

Wow! There are so many diseases that fall into the realm of a neurological disease. Amazing!

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