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American Cancer Society

 "Knowledge is power. For the cancer patient, knowledge means the power to understand your specific disease and the best treatment options available. It also means taking control and learning how to deal with cancer's devastating effects on you and your family. For the general public, knowledge means the power to make healthy lifestyle decisions so that you and your loved ones may never have to know what this disease is about. "(Quote from the ACS web site) If you need information on any form of cancer, you have to go here. Also a 9 since you need to figure out the site to get to the information you need.

 National Cervical Cancer Coalition

"The National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) is emerging as the nation's leading independent grass roots voice for a coalition of healthcare providers, pathologists, cytotechnologists, women's groups, patients, technology, research & treatment companies and associations. NCCC does not represent the special interests of one technology company over another. (Some newer coalitionsmay be formed to represent the vested interests of individual technology/treatment companies). " A wonder site discovered by Tyshan Edwards. Thanks Tyshan! Mr. S. would give this site a 10!


 I wouln't say this is the best site you will find for Cervical Cancer, but I think you should spend some time here loo king at some of the links and information provided. Site gets a 7 and was discovered by Tyshan Edwards.

National Cancer Institute

Great site for general informtion on this disease.


Wow! Wonder source of information on cervical cancer.


Go for it! You'll love this website!









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