Links for Heart Disease

American Heart Association
 A super place to begin your research about heart disease and strokes.  You will find just about all of the information you will  need for a thorough report.
The Franklin Institute
 The Franklin Institute is a wonderful place to visit.  If you can't get to Philly, then do it online.  Visit this section of the Institute that deals strictly with the heart.  You will learn some amazing things!
 The Heart Information Network
 A nice site.  You can easily find information on current research and news for your reports at this site. 
 NOVA Online - Electric Heart
 I think you're really going to find this site useful.  Make sure to drop in a take a look!  Enter the virtual NOVA operating theater, where you will be given a scalpel and perform a heart transplant of your own (click on the Operation Heart Transplant link). Yes, their version of the operation has been greatly simplified. Nevertheless, all of the basic steps are outlined in this feature, and by the end of the operation, you will have a pretty good idea of what's involved in taking the heart of one human and making it work in another.  Have no fear. The surgeons by your side will guide your every move and prevent you from taking any missteps. Your patient has been anesthetized and is otherwise prepared for the operation.  COOL!
 Heart Disease Illustrated Guide from WebMD
 This illustrated guide will take you though heart disease, step by step.  Includes some great animation. You may wish to see the animation for stroke as well. Take a look! When you get to Web MD you must navigate on your own to this Guide.

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