Links For Lyme Disease

What is Lyme Disease? Here's a brief synopsis.

 American Lyme Disease Foundation

"The American Lyme Disease Foundation supports research and plays a key role in providing reliable and scientifically accurate information to the public and health care provider." Since this seems like one of the few web sites out there for this disease, lets rate this site a 9. Site discovered by Eric Suter. Thanks Eric!

Center for Disease Control Lyme Disease Information

Well, you just can't go wrong here. Get great information that is up-to-the-minute from the CDC. Highest recommendation!

Center for Disease Control Lyme Disease Information

More goodies from the same source. Need a graph for your report? Here's a good one!

12000 Links for Lyme Disease

Well, at least that's what they say, I didn't count! Have at it, you just mingt find something you need!


Ok to fill in the gaps.


Not in depth, but a good overview to get you started. Nice graphic of "bulls-eye" rash.


Pretty much the same info as everywhere else.





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