Links for Narcolepsy


Everything you wanted to know about sleep disorders but were too tired to ask. This is a wonderful site that is graphically very pleasant and has tons of information about sleep disorders. This site gets a 10+! Good place to start your research for the list of Sleep Links alone.

 Stanford University School of Medicine Sleep Disorder Center

Not as good as the above site, but hey, it's Stanford University. I have students that have contacted these folks and been able to get guest speakers in my classroom. Very helpful site. Mr. Schneider gives this site a 9.

 The Sleep Well

Great name! Scroll down far enough to get to the Index. Mainly this site needs a good web designer. This is another site associated with Stanford University. Check it out! This site also gets a 9. 


This website has tons of great links for narcolepsy. Once on the page, scroll down for the good stuff.













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