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University of Washington School of Medicine

Scoliosis, copyrighted 1994 by Michael L. Richardson, M. D, was last revised January 24, 2001.  This site offers quite a bit of information about this disease and some great diagrams as well. This site was found by student Dana Burton.  Mr. S gives this site a 8.

Scoliosis Research Society

You may end up waiting quite a while for this site to load up into your computer, but it's worth it.  Tons of information about this disease.  Mr. Schneider rates this site a 9 (would be a 10 if it was faster).  This link was found by student Jacqueline Ngo.

This site will lays out the basic facts for this disorder.

Kids Health

Great x-ray pic of the spine and super info.

National Scoliosis Foundation

Click on the Information link at the top of this page to find out the facts about scoliosis.

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