Human Disease Project			Name______________________________

Student Self Assessment			Date_______________Per_____________

Instructions: Use this form to evaluate your Human Disease Project.
Did you write a 3 page report? In other words, is your report long enough? 25 points possible ________
Did you pay close attention to punctuation and grammar? 15 points possible ________
Did you pay close attention to the style of your writing (that is, no plagerism)? 15 points possible ________
Do you think your report is neatly done? Is it typed or wordprocessed? 15 points possible ________
You receive 20 points if each of the following areas are covered in your report, or roughly 2.5 points per section:
*A basic description of the disease ________
*Information on the background and history of the disease ________
*The symptoms of the disease; how a person knows they have it ________
*Any tests a health care provider would run to help diagnose the disease ________
*How the disease affects the body ________
*Cures or treatments for the disease ________
*Current research to find a cure or better treatment for the disease ________
*The age one normally gets this disease and how they get it ________
*How a person's daily life is affected by the disease ________
*Information on the cost of having the disease, such as for treatment, medications, hospitalization, etc. ________
Did you make a human body and a mathematics diagram? 15 possible if you did both ________
Did you write a bibliography? 10 points possible ________
Did you write a conclusion paragraph? Write about why you chose this disease. What was the most interesting thing that you learned from doing the project? What was the most important source of information that you used to write your report? What questions would you still like answered about this disease? What do you feel are the strengths and weakness of your report? 10 points ________
Did you do an interview? If so, you can earn 5 points of EXTRA CREDIT ________
Total possible points is 125. What is your total? ________
Your letter grade: ________
Do you think this grade accurately represents the effort you put into your report? Why or why not? Use the back of this form to write a thoughtful response to this question.

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