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Name of the Disease: Buergers Disease

Author: Tracy Mills

Story Submitted September, 1998:

age = 29
years = 9
occupation = disabled due to disease
city = Florence, Kentucky
Reaction to Having the disease: It was a relief in one way, because I had suffered from the symptoms for 6 yrs.and was told numerous reasons for the pain in my arms and legs. It was hard on my father,because his father had this disease. That was scary, because he lost one of his legs, because of it.

Dealing with the disease: It seems as though you are always sick. Hardly a week goes by that there is notpain of some sort. Of course, having to give up my career in Accounting when the disease progressed was emotionally hard.

Other info about the disease: It is very rare and hard to diagnose, once you are diagnosed, be very comfortablewith your dr. You will spend alot of time in their office and you need to feel as thoughthey understand your pain and are giving you the best care possible. Take any medications given to help your circulation, and by all means try not to smoke. It's hard, I was diagnosed in 1995 and am still fighting the nicotine habit.

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