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Name of the Condition: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Author: Jean S.

Story Submitted May, 1999

Occupation = home worker
State = Tennessee
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS)

Her reaction = SCREAMING because my baby was gone and there was no saving her, we tried everything.

Dealing with the situation: Dealing with the loss of BECCA has and is the hardest thing I have ever dreamed of. Daily life with out her is unbearable.

Please keep up with research on SIDS no one should ever have to wake up to find there child is gone with no reason or way of preventing what happened. Place your baby to sleep on their back! Even this and all the steps to stop it can't elemiate the risk because we did everything right with BECCA. Just do all you can and enjoy your baby because tomorrow may come with out them!

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