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Name of the Disease: Petit Mal Epilepsy

Author: Lisa-Marie Kinsman

Story Submitted March, 1999:

Age: 36
Years with the disorder: 29
Occupation: Housewife & Writer
City: Sheshequin, Pennsylvania

Reaction to the disease:   I was so ashamed.  I felt I was the only person in the world with epilepsy.
Dealing with the disease: It was sheer torture.  Children could be so cruel.
After suffering from epilepsy for 29 years, I was lucky to meet some wonderful
doctors in Syracuse, NY.  December 15th, 1994 I underwent 15 1/2
hours of surgery, and have been completely seizure-free ever since.  I
would be honored to hear from others who suffer from epilepsy, or who
have undergone brain surgery.
I have recently finished writing my autobiography, and am waiting to hear
from several literary agents, to see if I can get it published.  I want
to educate society, so that others who have epilepsy do NOT have to endure
the ignorance and discrimination that I had to.
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