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Name of the Disease: Postherpetic   neuralgia     PHN

Author: William Lauer

Story Submitted March, 1999:

Age = 66
Years with this disease = 3y-8m
Occupation = Retired   computer operator
city = Roy Washington
I just felt tremendous burning, and that nothing could be
this painful by the least little movement. When I went to the doctor and
he said "Shingles", I wasn't sure what it meant. (I have this from my
spine to my belly button.)
Dealing with this disease: TOTALLY UNBEARABLE.  I can't go anywhere in the car, the vibe's
take my breath away. I can't anyone touching me. Noises set off the
nerves. I still cant believe even after taking so much medication, there
is no relief, now after all this time they tell me I probally will never
be rid of PHN.
    Keep your imune system strong as possible, maybe, then you might
not be one to fall claim to this no cure terrible disease. It'a very
discouraging disease.
 If there is anyone out there, that can share positive information, I'd
be happy to listen.
Thank you,
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