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Name of the Disease: Colon cancer

Author: Margee

Story Submitted March, 1999:

Reaction to the Disease: Disbelief.  I was 33, and never felt better in my life.  On the other hand, I had just finished law school and had been through taking the bar exam.  I attributed my symptoms
to stress.  Cancer was the last thing on my mind, and COLON cancer would have been one of the
last on my list of cancers!
Dealing with the Disease: It's gone.  I still find it hard to believe I went through it.  I had a
four-year-old daughter, and had to endure six months of chemo.  But overall, the good
outweighed the bad - I learned to cherish my friends and family, and life.
I would, of course, encourage those in high risk groups to have the recommended
examinations; however, sometimes it just happens.  I had genetic testing done, and none of
the known gene mutations were found.  I did not have a history of polyps.  Regarding colon
cancer specifically, if the tumor is in the right place then after the surgery and healing
are done, there are absolutely no lasting after effects.  Even the scar has faded to nearly
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