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Name of the Disease: Cystic Fibrosis

Author: Barbara Moore

Their Story:

My daughter was diagnosed when she was 4 years old. I never knew how happy I was until Iwasn't

happy any more.

I have learned what is important and what isn't .

I want to share a poem I wrote


i never knew i wasnt happy until i wasnt happy any more ,

when sarah was 5 years oldthat stranger named cystic fibrosis came knocking at my door

he told me he wasnt there to visit , he was going to stay ,

all the prayers,hopes and wishes could not make him go away

he came into my home and told me this is how it is going to be!!

he brought me presents of pain hurt and heartache. they were mine and they were free

he told me he would teach me compassion , sharing, joy and love i never knew

then he told me i would walk on paths that were rocky up hills that were steep and down vallys that

were low

i'd cry, beg ,and plead PLEASE don't make me go

he promised me id find lifes simple pleasures all along the way

if only i wouldtake hold of my life and live from day to day

although he has taught me all of this, he is still not my friend

he has taken so many children's lives and hopefully soon his life !!

ill end



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