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Name of the Disease: PLS - form of ALS

Author: Norma Richardson

Their Story Submitted August 1998:

My name is Norma Richardson and I am writing on behalf of my son who has been diagnosed with PLS which is a form of Lou Gehrigs.Jerry was in a very successful job as a salesman for Tubular Steel when his symtoms first started.He was their top salesman nation wide for the last 3 years he worked.Last February he was forced into disability.He has lost almost all ability to speak and is now affecting his hands and arms.I am praying for a cure or maybe a different diagnosis.We would like to know of any medical facilities specializing in this. He is now being treated by a Neuroligist at Baylor University.There seems to be no studies being conducted for people with PLS. His Doctor has told him that any thing that is approved to help ALS patients will be beneficial to him but has refused to try any of the medication that has been offered so far. I am refering to Rilutek and Mytrophin.If you have any information that will help us it would be deeply appreciated. This young man's favorite thing to do was he loved to talk and laugh. He is handling the fact of having this disease I think far better than I am.There is also no support groups in the Houston area. Thank you.

Sincerely Norma Richardson

First Name = Jerry Ryder

Last Name =

age = 38

years = sales

occupation = Jan. 1997

city = Houston Texas

name of disease = PLS

reaction =Shock Anger Not wanting to believe it happened

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