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Name of the Disease: Fibriod Malgia

Author: Rhonda Potts

Occupation = college student

Her Story: I was relieved to know that there was a name for this disease and that I wasn't crazy, as suggested by several doctors.

How she deals with the disease: I experience pain all the time. Some days I feel as though it is going to kill me and other days I wish that it would kill me. The worst part of this is that it hurts so bad to be touched sometimes that my husband and children are unable to give me hugs.

Words of wisdom for those who have this disease: I have suffered from extreme pain since I was approximately four years old. There isn't any easy way to explain the pain, other than there isn't a place on my body that doesn't hurt continuously. I was given medication to deal with the pain, but it generally puts me to sleep. I don't have time to sleep with three children,a home to take care of, and school. I just want to know more about this disease or if someone is experiencing the same effects.

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