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Name of the Disease: Scheuermann's Disease

Author: Reggie

Story Submitted January, 2001

Hello, Actually I did not expect a response. From what I have found, not a lot about Scheuermann's Disease is on the web. In a year of searching, I have found 2 places that have input, and unfortunatly, there is only brief statements about it, usually from folks that have it , usually fresh meat for the proverial grinder. Nobody seems to understand it, and from what I have learned, I was lucky and didn't find a doc that was as greedy as the rest. I was told to quit looking for a cure because there wasn't one. The Doc made shure that I understood that if I let myself get talked into the surgery that there is too large of a % that I won't walk again. And if you don't think that the doc's out there do this, just remember, those "country golf clubs, BMW's and nice toys like that " just don't fall from the sky.

I have been to pain manegement in 4 different cities, horror stories abound. One of the "docs" literally asked me how long I wanted to be his patient, ( life sentence folks) and it wasn't 20 minutes later we were leaving the parking lot. Not so much by what he said, ruther, by what WE HEARD while the door was open after he walked out. A fellow was on the phone to the receptionest, who didn't know how to answer the gent's question, she came back with a portable phone and was talking to who appeared to be the head nurse, RIGHT AT THE DOORWAY to the room we were in. When the head nurse asked what the problem was, we heard the other lady tell her that they had givin him an epidermal, and he was not able to move his legs. She told him that the Dr that he sees was on vacation that week and his only problem was that """"you just need to chill, that's your only problem""", I HEARD this, then she HUNG up on him and told the other lady to hang up on him until they could get ahold of his Dr, THEN they noticed we were hanging on every word, and got huffy with us and slammed the door as she said that the doors are supposed to stay shut.

I have dealt with this for 8 years now. Depression is just too weak of a word for what you feel. My friends now are very few, seems that fishing and a bunch of other fun stuff is on the verge of extention here. I was an aircraft mechanic, funnest job in the world, bar none.

I have been told "if you are looking for a cure, you need another zoloft". Ok, now I am on 100 mg of zoloft, 120 mg of oxycotin and sleeping pills. Every day. The pain won't ever go away. There is no comfortable posisiton, standing is the most comfortable. At least while you can stand. There are days that you literally have to drag yourself around.

Most folks don't understand this disease, or just how big of a chunk of your life that is torn away from you. My son is 8, no foot, base, basket, soccer with anybody. He's an only child and no other kids in the hood. and guess who just can't throw, kick, run. The wife calls from work about every 2 hrs while I am in a good mood , a lousy mood ( which you will have a lot) usually nets a call every 1/2 or hr.

It dosen't take long to think that you are dragging the family down, and please note, this is actual life here. Ya just "fall "into that, and if you and your family are strong enough, you will make it, if you give up, the games over and everybody loses. My "disease" was brought on by a fall, on the job, working for a man who had NO insurance (not even workmans comp) and when I was done with the company doc, I was fine and cured (according to the doc). I got a settlement out of the work comp folks that was 6000$. In the state of South Carolina, you as an employee are not allowed to sue your employer, even if the employer is at fault, ie, getting between you and your dr appointments (sending you out of town) and falisifying records. I have all this on court documents from the workmans comp folks.

If anybody out there feels alone in this Disease, you have but to email me, we will chat and I do think I know a little about what you are going thru, Reggie

My email address is

Curt, I would like to thank you for what you are doing, I don't know anybody who has this in my area(disease) and you do actually feel alone, nobody quite gets it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Reggie

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