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This is truly a great source of links for Tourette Syndrome.  This site was recommended to me by the person who put it together.  Her name is Bobbie Vanover.  From what I can tell, she has quite a bit of personal experience with this disease.  I would rate this site an 8, but you might rate it a 10.

 AAN-American Academy of Neurology

Tourette's syndrome information, but you'll have to hunt for it. Click on "Search" to find info. this website not for the timid. Great for research information.-Link submitted by Stuart Anthony

Tourette Syndrome Association

Founded in 1972 in Bayside New York, TSA is the only national voluntary non-profit membership organization in this field. Their mission is to identify the cause of, find the cure for and control the effects of Tourette Syndrome.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics. The disorder is named for Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette.

Neuroscience for Kids - TS

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