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Here's How to do the Human Disease Project If You're A Teacher

The "Human Disease Project" is an ideal middle or high school interdisciplinary unit that incorporates research, writing and interviewing skills with an emphasis on the science of the human body. Typically, the study of the human body is a major part of middle school science curriculums. However, little attention is paid to the diseases that can and do occur, even though disease often touches children's lives due to sickness, illness and even death in their own families and neighborhoods. Students are encouraged to do research on a disease that someone in their family or someone close to them has to personalize this learning experience. Teachers are encouraged to use any information on this website without permission from the author.


First off, The Human Disease Project is not one of those projects that can be done in a week or two. Done properly, it takes several weeks to perhaps a quarter to have your students be successful!

And there you have it, a project done in one quarter! Please give this project a try. I don't think you will disappointed. And if you do, I would appreciate some feedback. Let me know if you had success or failure or you need help. Are there things you changed that helped make the project better?

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